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Preview: Villarreal - Espanyol 5.10.08 (Part 1)

This is part 1 of 2 in terms of a preview of tomorrow's (today's) match against Espanyol. Villarreal will be looking to celebrate second place as they close out the 2007-2008 season's matches at El Madrigal. It should be a day for the fans, and with Espanyol's run of late, it could be a lot of fun. Hopefully the fans will give a proper tribute to the team; Villarreal has accomplished so much for such a small club.

Nihat was featured in a great story on Talking about the match, he said, "The fans deserve to celebreate this great deed. We want to step onto the pitch and make a great game, we are professionals and we are going to play every match the best we can, only thinking about winning the remaining games. On Sunday, I won't save myself for nothing, not for the Euro and not because of thinking about possible injuries."

As I said, there will be more here tomorrow morning, including the squads for the match and my prediction.

For American fans, the match will be on television, but not live - it will be on GolTV at 10pm eastern, which makes for a late match. I will refrain from following the match ahead of time, so will not be posting a result here until late tomorrow night.