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Sol Campbell Still on the Radar

It is looking more and more likely Sol Campbell will be joining the Yellow Submarine in June. Reports from England and Spain have linked him with a move to the club this summer.

I am not sure how I feel about this. He has performed well at Portsmouth, but had times at Arsenal where he was a bit of a question mark. Also, he is 33 years old. Sure, he has a lot of experience, but he also plays center back, where we have Godin, Gonzalo, Fuentes, and perhaps Caceres. Perhaps he is being brought on primarily as a solid replacement for Cygan who can mentor Godin, Gonzalo and Caceres as Villarreal plays the top teams in Europe? I am not disappointed with the thought of signing him, just not sure if it is the best use of resources. But, Llaneza has not made many bad moves yet, so if this is true, I feel confident he has an idea of what he is going for.