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Another American-Born Striker?

In one of the most surprising links for the summer transfer market so far, 19-year-old Jozy Altidore, striker for the New York Red Bulls of Major League Soccer has been linked to Villarreal. His stats are not bad - 14 goals in 32 appearances in New York (2 goals in three matches this year), 4 goals in 3 matches in the U-20 World Cup for the United States. Even though soccer in America is not on the same level as that of European football, 14 goals in 32 matches is doing alright anywhere. He has good size, is strong and incredibly quick. Although I cannot say whether he would be a good addition, it would definitely make for an interesting season. Might this be a way for Roig to boost interest around the world, by signing one of the top American players?

Thoughts anyone?