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Henry to Villarreal?

Thierry Henry to Villarreal this summer? Yeah, not going to happen. It's not even really substantial enough to be called a rumor. Pires, talking to Revista de la Liga on Sky Sports, joked, "If Thierry wants to come here there is a space for him. Maybe one day that will happen - in football anything is possible."

Let's just say I am not expecting that one any time soon.

On real transfer rumors, Real Murcia is looking to keep Cesar Arzo after the loan deal expires in June. They may not be able to pay the transfer fee Villarreal is asking, though, but apparently other clubs are interested as well. So, that is one more central defender the Yellows will potentially not have in the squad next year. Going back to Pellegrini telling Cygan there will be five central defenders next year . . . ?