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Defensive Rumors

Lots on the defensive midfield. On the loaned-players front, it looks like Lille is seriously considering the option to purchase they have on Mavuba. Also, de la Red seems to be out of the picture, as Real Madrid seem to have decided on retrieving him from Getafe at the end of the season. Lastly in terms of the defensive midfield, I do not remember where I read it, but Eguren is one of the only contracts left to consider is the option to purchase Eguren. If Mavuba and de la Red are out, that leaves Villarreal with, in terms of realistic defensive mids for next year, Senna, Bruno, and possibly Eguren. That is simply not deep enough for three competitions. At least one, and preferably two new defensive mids need to be signed during the summer window.

And one uplifting note, Diego Lopez is speaking very strongly about staying in Villarreal's colors for the foreseeable future. He said he hopes the contract renewal will "end the rumors" that have been swirling around him.