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Rumors Swirling

Things have been slow lately - sorry to not put up the content, and that some of this stuff is kind of old news. :)

On the transfer-out front, rumors have Rossi potentially heading out towards Milan (depending on the wishes of ManU, of course). I think it is about time to face reality - although he has had a slower second half of the season, it seems almost certain he will be moved out at the end of the year - hopefully for a nice profit, at least. With Ruben waiting in the wings as the second small, quick striker, we cannot reasonably play with three smaller guys.

On the coming-in side of the transfer window, Joseba Llorente, a number 9, has been linked with Villarreal. He has scored 14 goals in 29 matches this year for Valladolid, a couple of which that have been spectacular.

Also, it looks pretty certain Sebastian Eguren will be signing with Villarreal permanently at the end of the season.

Finally, Villarreal is appealing Diego Lopez's red card. We are pretty desperate for him if Viera is still going to be out.