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Player(s) of the Week: Diego Godín & Gonzalo

GonzaloIn the long, storied history of the Player of the Week, there has never been a week in which there has been TWO POTWs. It happened this week. After a thoroughly lackluster performance, in which the offense could not seem to put quality shots on goal,

The tandem have held the last five opponents (with the help of the rest of the team, of course) to a 0.4 goals-per-match average. That is a pretty incredible number, especially when compared to the 1.57 goals the team was allowing prior to Gonzalo's return. Godin

Hopefully, the two can continue the dominance this week against the goal scoring machine that is Barcelona.



Well, based on the injury report, things might not be looking so well for a Gonzalo-Godin combo in central defense.