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Transfer Rumors: Senna Out?

It seems Juventus are in the market for a defensive midfielder, and are looking at Senna to fill the void. I have mixed emotions on this. Sure, Senna has had a great leader and is currently the glue holding the Yellow Submarine together. But he has shown to slow down as the season has progressed, and with the reliance the team places on him, Villarreal have slumped as well. Part of this is definitely about depth - asking him to play as many minutes as we do is going to wear him down, but some of it also just might be it is time to allow him and the team to move on. Regardless, he has been incredible for the team, there is no doubting that.

What makes things a little easier to swallow is Bruno's ascent in the defensive role, the possibility of signing Eguren full time, and rumors about the top-notch Ruben de la Red joining the squad.