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The Title Race?

With nine matches left, including ties with Atletico, Sevilla, Getafe and Espanyol, talk is beginning to come about that Villarreal have a chance at the league title. Gonzalo does not know what to make of it. And Jose Manuel Llaneza warns the team to not "get drunk" on the euphoria. Commentators see Villarreal as the perfect antidote to the poison of Barcelona and Real Madrid (and show some support for "hoofing" Riquelme off the team). And from SkySports, a short video with commentary on Villarreal's chances.

I am not sure if winning the league this year would be good or bad for the team. Don't get me wrong, I want to win the league - I can't even imagine how amazing that would be. I am just a bit concerned on what effects that could have on the team. Over the last five years, the club has been improving, both from a playing standpoint and financially. My real concern is that suddenly and unexpectedly winning the league can lead to a bit of complacency on the one hand, and on the other, untenable expectations. Fernando Roig has done great things for Villarreal. I do not want him to feel like his job is accomplished just yet! The longer we are building the foundation (while continuing to accomplish along the way) the more likely this little team from little Vila-Real can become a permanent player in La Liga.

But after saying all that - I sure as hell hope Villarreal take down Barca and Real and finish the season as Campeones de La Liga de las Estrellas!