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Rumor Updates: Lopez & Dossevi


Just a quick update on some notes from this morning:

  • The story on Matthieu Dossevi is expanding. Apparently FC Porto are also interested. Question: If we did pick up this guy, would we have to get rid of someone? Would that be the end of Pires' career in yellow? Mati?
  • In terms of Diego Lopez, Villarreal have placed a nearly ridiculous (not that I mind it) 23m euro pricetag in response to Tottenham's interest. [UPDATE: Interested from Manchester United?] Anything close to that would surely set a record for a keeper pricetag. We payed 6m to pry him from Real Madrid last year - from a long term standpoint, it would be a huge pickup. But can't we hold on to him for one more year for a CL run (assuming we hold on!)?