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Recaps, Transfers & Momentum

Thanks, Kqql for the video highlights - see them below in the comments to the live-blog from the Zaragoza match.

Links to a couple of English-language recaps of the match:

In terms of transfers, Diego Lopez has now been linked to Juande's Spurs.

Finally, has anyone else noticed we are now on an 8-match La Liga unbeaten run? Villarreal has not lost since falling 3-2 at the Bernebeu to Madrid. The team is starting to show signs of its incredible run at the close of last season. A lot of it has to do with the spectacular defense the team is showing (albeit not so great yesterday) - under the leadership of Lopez, Gonzalo and Godin, the team has allowed a paltry 3 goals over the last eight La Liga matches. The team is confidently speaking of second place now.