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Transfer Rumors: Cygan heading back to France?


Pascal Cygan, a player I have come to love after having real doubts when he signed from Arsenal, will be looking for a new club at the end of the season. Pelligrini has informed him there will be five people fighting for his position next year. (??? - I am not sure what central backs we will have next year. By my count there is Godin, Gonzalo, Fuentes. Who else? Josemi? de la Bella? Caceres? Arzo?- let me know if you can think of anyone I am missing). Apparently a number of teams are interested in him, including Betis and Sevilla, but he is looking at a return to Lille.

I was not a fan when he came over. Not only did he seem to be questionable in the back, he was also coming from Arsenal, just after they knocked us out of the CL. And although he has been a weak link in the back four at times, at other times he has single-handedly kept us in matches. He seems to have really been a strong part of the team's chemistry. He will be missed, at least by me.

UPDATE: And it appears Cygan has already admitted he will be out at the end of June.

And if he does leave, as it looks like he will, and if Mavuba is sold after his loan spell, Pires will be the last Frenchman on the squad. With his contract out at the end of this year and with his age becoming a factor, we may be looking at the end of what was a substantial French influence at the beginning of the year.

UPDATE: And as I mentioned it, Marca reports that a renewal for Pires is in serious doubt. With all of the transfer rumors starting up in earnest, I am planning a long discussion about plans for the future for the Yellow Submarine. Look for it in a week or two.