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Midweek Update
Some general news:

  • In probably the most surprising news of the week, the Spanish magazine Don Balón awarded Santi Cazorla its player of the year award for the 2006/2007 season. Not that I am not saying he didn't have a great season last year, but with the talent in La Liga, it is a bit of a surprise. I have no idea what the standards were for the award.
  • Javi Venta's future with the Yellow Submarine will be determined next week, as he is in negotiations with the club.
  • Guille Franco, Ángel, Josico and Cani were limited in practice yesterday. However, Cani has recovered and is expecting to play against his former club on Sunday, but stressing that Villarreal must perform better at home.
  • Great Q&A with Pirès on ESPN Soccernet, in which he discusses the club's combination of youth and age, being knocked out of Europe and the Spanish cup, and some of his opinions on English football and the French nationals.