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Villarreal Expanding El Madrigal

UPDATED: (links below)

Villarreal will be expanding El Madrigal from 21,700 seats to 25,000 seats for the upcoming year. This is just another step towards making Villarreal CF permanently a major player in La Liga and Europe. Fernando Roig should be commended for bringing Villarreal to such heights after taking over just a few years ago.

On a completely unrelated note, I cannot wait for the turncoat Ayala to appear in El Madrigal for the first time since he prostituted himself out to Zaragoza for a few Euros. (Also, Villarreal needs to exact some revenge for the 4-1 drubbing Zaragoza handed out at La Romereda in the fall).

UPDATES: is reporting the rumors about a new stadium for Villarreal are false, and that the club is intent on keeping El Madrigal. Also, put a story up on the expansion. And finally, for those who are interested, the pitch at El Madrigal was last officially measured at 105 meters x 68 meters, which makes it a touch narrow.