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Transfer Update: Mati Staying Put?

Mati Fernandez has claimed he is happy at Villarreal and has no plan on moving out after not getting as much playing time as he has expected. After being complimented by Pelligrini for a stellar match on Sunday, in which it was his tremendous hustle in the box that kept possession for Villarreal and set up Angel's cross for Guille's match-tying strike, Matias said, "The coach speaks well of me? That gives me confidence, and I hope to return his trust." He added, "I have no intention of leaving."

Also on the transfer front, Villarreal seem to be somewhat interested in Albelda, but not while he is still under contract with Valencia. Roig said it could not happen at this time, but Juande Ramos said he would be welcomed at White Hart Lane.

Finally, Villarreal have been mentioned in connection with Wilfredo Caballero, keeper for Elche. I think the reason for that would be the interest shown in Diego Lopez by Milan and others recently. I hope Lopez stays around for a while (and his last few performances, especially those against Zenit might make that happen), but how cool is the name Wilfredo? I have to admit - I like it.