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Injury Update

Just adding Godin to the list of injured players for the Celtic match. I do not know what he is suffering from. That means that Godin, Llorente and Venta are all injured, and Capdevila is out through his red card.

The call for the match is:

Diego López and Viera; Ángel, Gonzalo, Cygan, Fuentes, Bruno; Cani, Pires, Ibagaza, Eguren, Senna, Edmilson, Cazorla, Matías Fernández; Guille Franco, Rossi and Nihat.

I would like to see Nihat and Mati get the start. Perhaps a Mati/Ibagaza combination? Also, I think it is time to send Diego Lopez a message - Viera should start in front of him. It may mean a loss, but Lopez needs some time to get his head on straight.