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Pires vs. Ibagaza

After watching yesterday's match, and thinking about the run of play over the last couple of weeks, I began ruminating on Pires. So often he is brilliant. Yet, so often he is diving to the turf, looking for a foul, or not connecting the way he has as recently as the beginning of the 2008-2009 year. And I am wondering, has he lost a step? Have his 35 years caught up to him? Yesterday, Ibagaza came on and was spitfire sparkling. Every touch found a waiting Villarreal player - including Eguren and Rossi on the last two goals. I know that left wing is not his preferred position, but I am curious what the crowd here thinks:

Might it be time to release Pires from his starting duties, elevate Ibagaza, and keep Pires as a substitute when we need his special offensive qualities on the pitch?