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Match Thread: Barcelona

The biggest Liga match of the first half is here. I will keep major events updated in this post.

Streams: English: Spanish:


FT: And that is it. Villarreal falls after a valiant effort. Heartbreaking. We could have, should have taken a draw from the match. So frustrating. And now we have to carry a losing streak into the new year - in fact, we have lost 3 out of 4. The last two matches have shown some promise, but promise does not cut it.

92' AGAIN! Headed over the ball with 5 guys in the box. Three players tried to head it at once.

91' AAAHHHH. Nihat shoots wide one-on-one with Valdes. It should be 2-2.

90' 5 minutes added on. We NEED a goal for our season's sake.

85' How did Franco miss that? Unbelievable. That should have been 2-2.

84' Hleb coming in for Eto'o.

83' Good opportunity in the box after a great move by Cazorla, but Capdevila sends it way over.

80' Yellow on Franco. Very interesting: Caceres comes in for Henry. Ibagaza in for Senna. Good move.

77' 13 minutes to salvage a point or a miraculous win!

76' Will it be Nihat on the free kick? Nope. Senna shoots it a mile over. He does that 75% of the time.

74' Pique just picked up his second yellow card in five minutes, and he is out with a red! Free kick about 30 yards out. Unbelievable.

71' Nihat comes in for Rossi. Franco comes in too, for Cani. Cani was starting to look tired.

66' Henry scores off a Xavi cross. Defense broke down completely. Toure is about to come in for Barca. Surely it is about time for Nihat.

64' They showed Ibagaza getting dressed. I assume he will be coming on shortly for Pires.

57' Save by Diego Lopez on Eto'o's shot. I want to see Nihat in there, but I do not know who you would take out.

55' Goal Keita, beating Diego Lopez to it. This match is nowhere near over. Gonzalo lost his man. 1-1.

49' Cani ran straight to Mati on the sideline after scoring. Just noticing.

48' GGGGGGOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL CAAAANNNNNNIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a pass by Rossi, what a shot by Cani! WOW!

46' Anybody else see that? Pires just outran someone! He left Puyol in his dust!

HT: Great match so far. Barca have had a couple of good chances - Barca will always get those chances, whomever they are playing. But Villarreal's defense has shown up when it needs to. And Lopez has been on fire. The lineup we have is not creating a ton of chances, but the feeling I have is we are only one through ball from breaking the tie. If the ref would quit with the crap offsides calls, perhaps it could happen!

45' Horrible offside call with Rossi running through the middle. His shot got saved anyway, but wow. And that is the half, without any stoppage time.

44' Bad cross by Cazorla after a good move down the right side to get to the edge of the box.

36' What just happened? How did Barca not score? About 4 chances. Any match in the last month, and the team playing against Villarreal would have scored there. I sense a different attitude about the Yellow Submarine. And a different type of luck.

33' Great team defending. Questionable referreeing. And I must say, this is the best I have seen Cani play in ages.

27' Lopez makes an incredible save. I think he might finally be back. Barca are getting corner after corner. But it comes to nothing.

23' Godin is all over the place out there, stopping every pass that comes near him.

19' OOOHHHH! Rossi shoots just wide, beating Valdes on the break, but missing by 2 feet.

18' Villarreal are playing well. Another offsides, against Rossi, but what a match so far!

16' Offsides or Henry was through. Bad call, perhaps.

14' Offisdes prevented a huge break for Villarreal.

13' Henry JUST misses the back post, with Messi just watching it go out of bounds. Wasn't bad defense so much, as it was a great move by Henry.

8' I am thinking that Cani might be in there to trouble Messi.

6' More possession, some chances in front of goal. Improvement.

3' Huge save by Diego Lopez, as we cannot get possession...again. If we do not control the ball, it will be a LONG match.