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Jozy Stays

As expected after he started the match against Recre on Sunday, Jozy will be staying in Villarreal for the entire year, according to Pellegrini.

In management news, Llaneza traveled to South America today. He said he was not going to buy any players, but was only going to check on Vidangossy and the River Plate six. Who knows what might come out of all of this. Also (I had not heard of this as a possibility) Llaneza said he was not considering a position with Real Madrid, that he had apparently been rumored to be considered for.

Villarreal did not seem to pick up any injuries yesterday, and managed to pull out a win with the likes of Cygan, Fuentes, Ibagaza, Altidore and Bruno in the starting lineup, along with Mati and Edmilson coming off the bench. The injury department began to look a little less depressing as Nihat made his first appearance since the Sporting match, coming on in the 90th minute. If only Llorente, Pires, Guille, Senna (and Cani) can find their way back to the touchline...