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Random Bits

There is something about a stretch of bad play that just takes it out of you. Anyway, like I said in a comment on the previous post, if I had Pellegrini's ear, I would suggest putting Mati in and promising him a few starts in a row. Who knows what a bit of consistent time on the pitch could do for him. I like what I have seen the last couple of times he has been in.

There are a few unrelated news pieces floating around out there. First, Villarreal are profitable. That is not something a lot of football clubs can say. Now, don't get me wrong - it's not rolling in hand over fist - but it's there. As the club announced a 72m euro budget for next year, they also announced a profit of 103,816 euros. Like I said - not a tremendous sum, but based on the fact that so many clubs lose money, it's not half bad.

Rossi is at full health, and is raring to go for the Barcelona match on Sunday. Nihat, too, should be back, but he was out of practice today, still recovering. It appears that we will only be missing Llorente and Javi Venta for the match, which, for American viewers, will be on GolTV again.

Speaking of Llorente, Del Bosque is looking at him for a spot in Spain's squad. He has definitely earned it over the last two years. Now if he just wouldn't go around kicking opposing players in the head....

And, for those interested in Barcelona's injury issues, they do not have many problems going. Rafa Marquez is doubtful for the match. Toure Yaya and Carles Puyol were both out of practice today, Puyol with dental work and Yaya with migraines. Both will be ready for Sunday. And in exceedingly unwelcome news, Iniesta could make his return against Villarreal. It is not likely he would see much time, but we could use a break.