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Injury Update

Bruno was held out of yesterday's match with a pelvis issue as a precaution. Hopefully he will be ready by this weekend. Also, Llorente took a knock to his right ankle during the match yesterday. His status for this weekend is uncertain. If he is not able to go, we will be down to Rossi, Altidore and Guille up front. At least, by scoring yesterday, Guille might have unlocked that large door that had been blocking the goal every time he got near it.

Then comes the somewhat startling news out of Uruguay. Godín was called up for the November 19th international match against France. Nothing too surprising there (outside of considering his recent form...). Eguren was also called up. A bit of a surprise, but it can only mean that he is progressing well and will hopefully be better soon - but I hope Villarreal does not let him go so he can finish his recovery. And then the real shocker - Viera was called up. What action has Viera had over the last couple of months? A 0-5 thrashing to a Segunda B side. That is how you make the national team?