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What A Vila-un-Real Day

This really has nothing to do with "Villarreal news" but I cannot help but share it. I just returned to my Baltimore, Maryland home after a long day in Washington DC. I went to DC after a lengthy build-up of correspondence with a guy from the town of Vila-Real named Samuel. He and his girlfriend had planned a trip to the US, and were coming to DC for the day. One thing led to another, and today, my wife and I got to be their tour guides all over Washington. Before they left Spain, I arranged for them to bring me a Cazorla jersey from the Villarreal shop near El Madrigal. That might already seem like a pretty big day in and of itself, but it gets better. In addition to the jersey, they brought gifts - lots of gifts: a scarf from this Champions League campaign, a book covering Villarreal's 10-year history with the Primera, three match-day programs, a Villarreal hat, and a DVD covering last year's amazing season. And wait - the best is yet to come: Samuel had purchased a Villarreal soccer ball and hung out for three hours after practice on Thursday, and got every player on the team, plus Pellegrini, to sign the ball! It has to be one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. I plan on throwing a couple of pics up here soon from the day Vila-Real came to the US, as well as the incredible soccer ball.

If this has bored you too much, sorry! But I couldn't help it. Throw in a win yesterday, and it has been some kind of weekend!