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Nihat Returns

Big news in the call-up front: Nihat is in Pellegrini's squad travelling to Recreativo Huelva for the Sunday matchup. It will be the first time he is on the bench in two months, but I would be shocked if he plays. The entire list is a bit unusual, with the injuries and suspensions:

Diego López, Viera; Javi Venta, Capdevila, Fuentes, Cygan, Angel, Kiko; Eguren, Edmilson, Bruno, Santi Cazorla, Bruno, Mati Fernández, Jordi Pablo; Rossi, Nihat and Altidore.

Kiko is added to the back line, in place of suspended Gonzalo, but it would be a surprise if he got the start. With Senna out injured, Pellegrini has also called on Kiko' ellow-B teamer Jordi Pablo to provide cover. What I find most interesting is the inclusion of Jozy Altidore in the call. If he gets put in a match, by my count he will be ineligible to be loaned to another Primera Liga side come winter.