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Transfer Roundtable & Injury Quick-Take

(As Kqql pointed out, as you read this entry, take it with a Southern twang, since it is being written from Mississippi) :)

Transfer Rumors

Rumors are swirling more and more - but Villarreal has already accomplished its "first signing of the winter" - Nihat. He is not expecting to be back this week, and probably not next, but he is ready to get back into the flow of hte game, and is looking forward to fighting for a starting position.

Villarreal have been linked to Gary Medel of Universidad Catolica of Chile. He is a defensive midfielder, 21 years old, and a regular of the Chilean national squad.

There are also rumors of clubs trying to swipe a couple of our top defensive players. Barcelona has expressed interest in Diego Lopez. But, in one of the strongest statements of commitment I have heard from a player in quite a while, Lopez said, "It is nice that teams such as Barcelona notice me but I am already at a large club and I want to continue improving here and doing things well for Villarreal for a long time."

Another "big club", Milan, has expressed interest in central defender Godin. Of course, the interest is only if they fail to secure the signing of William Gallas from Arsenal, and even then, they are not likely to meet Godin's buyout clause. At this point, it seems like nothing more than pure speculation (y'all).

Injury Update

Pellegrini does not have his full squadron available for Sunday - Godin, Senna, Cani and Guille Franco are still all in doubt for the match at Recre. I will have more on the upcoming match on Saturday.