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Rossi Transfer Rumors

As Kqql pointed out below, Sir Alex Ferguson and Manchester United have started to talk openly about Rossi's buyback clause and the possibility of bringing him back to Manchester United. Not a good sign for those of us wanting to see him stay in yellow for a couple more years. Manchester United is going to be a hard call to turn down for any player.

It has been an interesting couple of weeks for Rossi, as, in addition to a start for Italy in which he played well, he has been linked with the Old Lady and has gotten into a bit of a public squib with Jose Morinho about the quality of Italian soccer. Yet, at the same time, he has claimed he is very happy in Spain and does not have immediate plans to move on.

I would be surprised if he is still at Villarreal next year - although I want him to stay - just because everything points to him having a pretty incredible year and his price getting high enough that Villarreal might not be able to turn down such a big offer. Perhaps a Liga championship could convince Giuseppe he doesn't want to leave?