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Match Update: Malaga - Villarreal

Keep track of goals and important events here. If you do not have access to GolTV, here is a stream for you in English, and one in Spanish. The one in Spanish is better quality. Endavant Villarreal!

FT: What a sad showing. I do think the Eguren injury took a lot out of the club - not a lot of punch after he got hurt. But Villarreal MUST get those points. That is a tremendous lost opportunity, and we will come to rue those lost points. The Atletico match and this match are going to be looked back on at the end of the season if we fall 2 or three points short of the league or Europe. If it is not obvious. I am very disappointed.

90' Villarreal gives up another 2 points, as they give up an equalizer in the 90th. We are TERRIBLE against set pieces. Absolutely freaking horrible. That is two matches we have now given up in the last five minutes, four points we are going to be missing. Terrible, terrible, terrible.

85' Villarreal have a great opportunity at the top of the box, but Ibagaza squibs it away with an ill-advised backheel.

78' Rossi picks up a yellow for getting to close to the keeper who was drop kicking a clearance.

75' Angel is down on the pitch, but seems to be ok. Pellegrini must like what he has seen from Franco lately, because he is coming on for Llorente. Eguren is being carted out of the stadium - really worred about hiim.

73' Bruno is on for Eguren. Eguren looks to be knocked out. Praying that it is nothing more serious. He is in pretty bad shape, bleeding from the side of his head.

72' Eguren took a huge elbow to the side of his head and he is down on the pitch. It looks like he might have a concussion, based on the way the players are reacting - he will be subbed out.

70' Lightning football. Malaga had a great counter, and it was a miracle Gonzalo was able to put a boot on the cross, because Godin had completely abandoned the striker he should have been covering, who was at that point on an island in front of the goal.

67' Senna picks up a free kick from 30 yards.

65' AAAAHHHHHH!!! Rossi makes an incredible run, has it one on one with the keeper, but it is blocked - only for it to fall into the sights of Ibagaza - who's chip is blocked by the head of a defender. On the ensuing corner, there is a sizzling header which is knocked off the line and advanced up the field quickly - only for Diego Lopez to make a tremendous save. Tremendous football!

61' Ibagaza comes on for Pires.

60' Great play by Lopez, as Malaga breaks through. Lopez dives across the middle to stop the cross and control the ball. He is in good form today.

53' Malaga's Jesus Gomez picks up a yellow for dissent - I do not know if anyone is going to be happy with the referee after this match!

50' GOAL LLORENTE! He makes up for his past mistake, and continues to fight Rossi off of the team lead in goals, as he beats the keeper from a tight angle. Malaga's Luque picks up a yellow arguing he was offside. Llorente now has six goals in La Liga, along with his three from the Champions League - not a bad total! Malaga 1-2 Villarreal.

49' AAAAAAAHHHHHHH! Rossi makes a dazzling run into the box, weaving around a defender, and centers it to Llorente directly in front of the goal, and he manages to send it over!

HT: No injury time is given, despite the two goals, and the ref blows the whistle signaling the half. Pellegrini needs to get into the players. They are so complacent out there - like they are expecting the match to be handed to them. Not a good showing, and although the free kick Malaga scored on was undeserved, they are clearly deserving of at least a tie at the moment.

44' A little parity as Malaga's Miguel Angel picks up a yellow. The calls have gone heavily in favor of the home side.

38' Villarreal have finally started to return to their own game. Malaga have been beating us on the small, quick passes and winning all of the 50/50 balls. But, after a bit of possession, Pires goes and picks up a yellow card - he has beena bit chippy today too, but it might be what Villarreal needs to mentally get back into this match. Ever since that first goal, they have just not been in it, apparently thinking one goal would be enough.

29' Malaga have seemed to determine that their only way of winning is if they are on the ground all day - so they are diving, diving, diving. And now, in the 30th, off an undeserved free kick, Duda sends an undefendable free kick into the upper corner. Beautiful kick, but he never should have had the opportunity. Shameful for the referee. Malaga 1-1 Villarreal.

27' Terrible missed offside call giving Malaga a clean shot on goal, but the striker sends it wide. After the call, Godin picked up a yellow for dissent - and it had only been a matter of time. Expect Gonzalo and Eguren to each have one shortly.

23' Tremendous header out by Godin on a cross by Malaga, could have saved a goal. A minute ago, a Malagan landed on Rossi's head after a foul was called on Rossi. It seemed to shake Giuseppe up a bit, so he will have to be watched.

20' A lot of back and forth, with perhaps Malaga having the best opportunities, but neither team getting any decent chances. Villarreal are being called for foul after foul (many of them pretty cheap), giving Malaga a few more dangerous free kicks than we should be allowing.

8' GOAL ROSSI! After a quick pass from Pires, Rossi dribbles into the midst of 4 defenders and drills it under the keeper! Malaga 0-1 Villarreal.

1' It looks like the traditional starting lineup: Diego Lopez; Angel, Gonzalo, Godin, Capdevila; Cazorla, Eguren, Senna, Pires; Llorente, Rossi.