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News Bits

Transfer Rumors: Local papers have begun to call (loudly) for the heads of Fuentes and Edmilson. They could be gone as soon as the winter transfer window. Either Mati or Cani could be shortly behind them, but at least are putting forth the effort and determination to pick up their game. Along these lines, Villarreal is looking for at least one attacking midfielder and central defender. The club is also considering a backup for Senna, to play the creative midfield role that no one else can fully grasp.

One Italian paper links Rossi to Juve (again), reportedly with Villarreal lowering the asking price from 45m euros to 30m euros. I really can't see Villarreal lowering its price that much. He is on the verge of being a superstar - and as long as we can keep him happy, we need to hold on to him. The reality is that in two years, he would be a bargain at 50m euros. This season he has already scored four goals in six league matches, and two goals in three Champions League games. By the end of the season he is likely to have 20 league goals, and, along with Llorente, carry this team close to the Liga crown.

Malaga personnel issues: I had forgotten - a red card in the Copa is the equivalent of a red card in the Liga. This means no Javi Venta on Sunday. This could have been terrible news, but for the recovery of Angel from a stomach ailment. He should be ready to start on Sunday.

Other news: At least one great story came from the embarrassment in the Copa. Jozy has a big fan in the lower leagues - or at least someone who recognizes the talent he has. Poli Ejido's keeper Rezak rushed across the field at the end of the match on Wednesday to trade jerseys with Altidore. That must have been some consolation.

Television Update: American fans take heart, Villarreal are back on television this weekend! The match will be shown live at 11am eastern on GolTV.