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Transfer Rumors Starting Up

For those interested in strengthening our side, a couple of possibilities showed up recently, both on the defensive side of the ball (good thing!). The first is Zenit St. Petersburg goalkeeper Vyacheslav Malafeev, who also is the current Russian backup. Perhaps Viera's 5-goal humility session was enough to get the front office thinking we can do better? Or who knows, Lopez has been pretty shoddy himself lately - perhaps someone to push him along?

The second possibile find is Mexican centerback Hector Moreno, who is currently plying his trade at AZ Alkmaar after developing his skills with Mexican first division side Pumas. Again, I think we learned recently that having viable depth at centerback is a big deal. Anyone rethinking the Caceres deal? (I know, not really, but surely we need someone back there. Perhaps it is the Arzo sale we are rethinking...)