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Flores to be Brought to Spain?

Robert Flores, the heralded midfielder from River Plate in Uruguay who has been busy this fall playing for River Plate in Uruguay, could be on his way back to Spain in the January transfer window. Despite Flores' goal in the first match of the season, he has not been spending much time in Cholo Simeone's starting lineup. Villarreal may look to bring him back to Spain and loan him to a club where Pellegrini thinks he would pick up more playing time.

In unrelated news, Villarreal have become profitable for Roig. Despite so many clubs in Spain and Europe hemorraging money, Villarreal now have more revenue than costs. The budget for 2008-2009 is 85 million euros, while revenues this year are expected to be about 85-86 million. Very reassuring facts, indeed - Villarreal look like they have made the permanent move into the upper echelons of Primera Liga clubs. It is amazing what a little stable management will get you!