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Outcasts Desired

It seems that some of the players Villarreal have discarded over the last couple of years have been picking up big-time interest. Antonio Valencia, the Ecuadorian international who signed on permanently with Wigan, is piqueing Sir Alex Ferguson's curiosity. The winger scored a "stunning" goal against Manchester City, his second of the season in seven starts. Similarly, former Villarreal center back (and Vila-Real local) Cesar Arzo, currently plying his trade for Recreativo) is being pursued by Roy Keane and Sunderland (who I still say has an obsession with Villarreal). Although Villarreal have consistently known when to buy and when to sell (read: Caceres), I have wondered for a while if these two were worth holding onto (although out on loan) for another season. Although Pellegrini knows exactly what he is looking for, we are living on borrowed time with him as manager (hoping I am wrong, trust me!). Once he moves on, might we regret gettin rid of a couple of promising starlets? Or, if they are sold by their current clubs for big money, might we have made final decisions too soon? There have been very, very few missteps by Roig and company, and I am hoping these do not turn out to be mistakes.