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Game Update

Any goals scored will be listed here. Villarreal's starting lineup includes Bruno and Rossi - Franco did not make it, which is a good thing. Game on in two minutes!

2' Goal Atletico. Not a good start by any means. Diego Lopez was beaten cleanly after some great offensive movement from Atletico. Yes, it is going to take a couple of goals to win this one!

22' Goal Atletico - Forlan. Villarreal dominate possession, literally close to 75%, and then one quick break, a great move by Simao, and a poor clearance in the box and Forlan drills it in. The game is nowhere near over, but that is not the way to play if you want to win the match.

38' No goals yet for Villarreal, but Ever Banega picked up a second yellow (first for a foul on Pires) with a horrendous split-leg tackle from behind, so Atletico are down a man. Villarreal's possession should pick up even more now...

And nothing happening before half. Villarreal kept 70-75% of possession throughout, but could not find the back of the net despite several golden opportunities. The side is flowing nicely, but just lacking the killer touch. I cannot think of any particular change that needs to be made, but perhaps Pellegrini could bring in another offensive midfielder - such as Mati - for Bruno, since AM are down a man. One way or another, we cannot play a match up a man for 55 minutes and not come away with a victory if we want to challenge for the top four in the league. Things are perfectly aligned for a beautiful comeback, Villarreal just needs to find it.


48' GOAL SENNA! Senna drills it from 30, and Franco, who couldn't hold onto a ball all game, tosses the ball right into the back of the net!!! Within 1, with a full half to go!

51' GOAL LLORENTE! Rossi with a beautiful move down the side, a pass to Llorente who appeared to be offsides, and Llorente does not disappoint! GAME ON!

58' GOAL GONZALO! A Villarreal corner was cleared, and Bruno settled and found three Villarreal players sitting in front of the keeper. Pires one-touch settled it straight to Gonzalo who drilled it into the back of the net! This scoring isn't over yet! (How many exclamation points can I use in one post?)

68' GOAL ROSSI! Rossi drew Franco out of the box and just slowly sidestepped around him, and drilled it in the back of hte net. It started with a tremendous set up, with Llorente sending Cazorla in, and Cazorla putting through a perfect through ball to Rossi. You have to feel that there is at least one goal left in Villarreal.

71' Cazorla is subbed out for Cani.

82' Mati comes in for Pires. Pires had a tremendous match.

83' Goal Atletico. Poor defense opens us up to the counterattack, and Simao has no trouble beating Diego Lopez. 4-3, and it is suddenly much too close for comfort.

85' Goal Atletico. Raul Garcia off a free kick. How do we let something like this happen? Villarreal can't mark anyone on a free kick, and we have now given up two goals in three minutes while up a man. Ridiculous defending. And the way things are looking, we just might lose this one.

Final 4-4. What a ridiculous last 10 minutes of the match. Horrible defending all around. If we had any type of back ups in central defense, both Gonzalo and Godin should be benched until they learn to control a counter attack. This feels worse than a 0-5 loss. How can this team fall apart like that? Absolutely indefensible.