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Atletico Match Injury Update

Updates on the injuries affecting both sides at the moment.

Villarreal continue to miss Nihat and Eguren, as expected (but Nihat has been training, at least). It looks like Ibagaza is going to miss another match. He is training alone, but will not be ready on Sunday.

On the Atletico side, their already suspect defense is crumbling. First rate defender Ujfalusi is out, as is the less-than-first-rate Perea. Also, their number one goalkeeper, Coupet is out for the week. Maxi, though, will be back in the squad.

Anyone ready for another Llorente hat trick?

On a side note, if I remember correctly, Diego Forlan did not play at El Madrigal last season, watching the match from the stands. Am I correct? Should be interesting if that is the case, and no matter what it will not be easy watching him play against Villarreal. He will always be a favorite of mine.