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Celtic Images

Some great images from a friend at the Villarreal-Celtic match are available here. A lot of good pre-match stuff, plus some neat stadium shots. How much fun would it have been to be in Vila-Real yesterday? And, for those interested on a level-headed British opinion on the foul leading to Senna's free kick, as well as some flattering plaudits aimed at the Yellow Submarine, check this out.

Much of this [anger] serves to ill-represent the talent and ability possessed by Villarreal, a team with a fraction of Celtic's supporter-base and commercial worth. Strachan, quite rightly, attested to the marvellous stewardship and innovation of the little club from the little town north of Valencia, who are once more riding high in La Liga. In players such as Senna, Santi Cazorla, Giuseppe Rossi and Sebastian Eguren, Villarreal and their coach, Manuel Pellegrini, could teach Celtic quite a few lessons in how to mould a club around imaginative signings and team building.