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Villarreal Looking for Lifetime Deals

Villarreal have been looking to sign Rossi, Gonzalo and Godín to lifetime contracts at El Madrigal. Although the club is not looking to tie them up necessarily before the end of the season, as each have multiple years left on their contracts, the desire by the club is there.

I would be very surprised if Rossi was willing to sign a lifetime deal at his age with Villarreal, but I would love to see the club re-up him for six years with a buyout clause in the €80-100 million range. I would be shocked if he was at the club more than one full year, with his Italian roots and the Manchester United connection. But of course, you never know what a La Liga title or a run at the Champions League title could do for his perspective.

No matter what, it is great that Llaneza is showing the club's desire to keep these players. Making sure they know they are wanted is a huge deal.