Fantasy League Open + Villarreal News, August 13

Gio plays tomorrow in a friendly but will be back for Monday's match - Otto Greule Jr

A day off for the squad...

The Villarreal CF Official Fantasy League is open for registration! lots of prizes to be won! sign-up now!

The transfer of Gabriel Paulista to Villarreal is apparently almost done, with the remaining snag being when he leaves, apparently. His Brazilian club wants him to stay around for one more game, we want him on the plane! Javi Mata has just forwarded a Brazilian article which says the deal is NOT YET consumated:

The major news today was the release of the uniform numbers for the 2013-14 season. 23 players received numbers, with four (Moi, 27; Edu Ramos, 28; Iñiguez, 29; Aitor, 35) receiving numbers that indicate they can cycle up and down with the B team this year--though I believe once they play in a certain number of first-team matches, they cannot do that any more. If anyone knows the rules for sure, let us know....

There were no changes from the ones worn in preseason; I am still trying to get used to the new number font and also to Musacchio wearing 5 rather than 4, which belongs to Pina now. Jokic 3, Pantic 6. Got it.

Juan Carlos has recovered from his injury and is training with the team again (or will be; they had a day off today) and Chechu Dorado says he's good to go. We do have some players, most notably Gio, playing tomorrrow in friendlies, but since we don't play until Monday the "FIFA virus" won't affect us this time.

EPM also notes (apropos of my comment yesterday) the team had a visit from a referee who covered the points of emphasis this year--use of hands and the offside rule.

Good luck to our Juvenil B club, competing in Slovakia in the Michalovce Cup. A couple of players have tweeted from there, and we know Simon and the Slovakian penya members will be there to support them. What I didn't know until I met Simon earlier this year is that the towns of Vila-real and Michalovce have a long relationship--they have been 'twinned' since 1998. There is in fact a business delegation from Vila-real visiting there now, and the team plays its first game today.

And, we have the kickoff time for the 3rd game of the season: Villarreal plays at Osasuna at 11PM Saturday night Spanish time. What a joke, Tebas!!!

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