Villarreal videos, plus news and rumors

Laura Mellis

Because everyone needs a place to share the latest information they know, or think they know. But let's start with a couple of video links, shall we?


Highlights from the last match! (including a different look at the Canteros non-penalty call):

This Villarreal TV "insider" is worth checking out--the shots of the fans lining the streets as the team bus (slowly) makes it way to the ground are amazing, and you can see the players are enjoying it as much as the fans! And the shots of the celebrations afterward are great and something we didn't get to see on the streamed TV feeds. Enjoy!

Also, there is a new "Villarreal TV" episode which I assume shows the highlights of the match as well as highlights of the parade around the town (it's 90+ minutes long, I have not yet watched it).

Finally, depending on where you are and what your computer is, you may be able to watch the Canal Plus show devoted to the Segunda:


Marcos Senna gave an interview to Marca where he said he feels great, thinks he can play two more years, would like to do it in Villarreal. His agents are meeting with the club today:

And congratulations to Moi Gomez, who scored the tying goal that sends the Spain U-19 side through to the championship round. I couldn't find any highlights, so if someone did, please post. Pablo Iñiguez again featured in the starting lineup, too.


Transfers IN:

Major one is Joan Verdú, who will be deciding soon whether to accept a contract extension from Espanyol. And if he doesn't, will he choose Betis or Villarreal? Come on, dude. Yellow looks better than green and white any time.

Manu del Moral (Sevilla)--another possibility. (VillarrealFan suggested Cicinho, but so far I haven't seen any evidence we're going that way).

Gio dos Santos--nothing will happen on this front until the Confederations Cup is done, or at least Mexico's participation in it. We thought last year had we not been relegated, we would have had him in yellow, so we'll see. LA Galaxy interest might be tough to beat, and of course Valencia want him too (I think they've wanted him before, haven't they?)

Jaimo Samperio--young talent (19) from Racing, scored 10 goals for them including 5 in their last 5 matches. Small, very talented, attacking midfielder who plays on the left. Sounds good to me.

Pedro Rios--I did see a tweet to the effect that if Levante wanted him to continue with them, they had to negotiate with us, because we had only agreed to 'release him' as long as we were in the the Segunda. Does anyone know his contract situation? Did we rescind his contract totally, or do we have an agreement now we're in the Primera?

And from the standpoint of the blog managers, at least this one, we need to get USA U-20 midfielder José Villarreal signed up for us. Not only is he a young talent, but he is obviously named after the club, for goodness' sake, and every time we search for photos to use on the site we get lots of pictures of him instead (plus some baseball player for the Cincinnati Reds, but that's another story). Villarreal in Villarreal--it's a natural. You heard it here first....!


Jony Pereira--no news, but he wants to stay, can't see why not:

Tito Canteros--someone said they thought he wasn't with the other players on the balcony overlooking the plaza Sunday night. Should we be reading something into that? (God, I feel like I'm covering North Korea). We do know representatives from his club in Argentina are coming to negotiate with Villarreal.

Transfers OUT:

We know Truyols is departing, he's free to find another club.

De Guzman and Camuñas's names appeared at the bottom of an EPM article, so we haven't forgotten about them. Obviously Swansea wants De Guz and he wants to be there, so it'll get done, but I don't think it is a priority for Villarreal at this point.

Gerard Bordas, btw, is still with Girona and presumably will start for them against Alcorcon, so probably nothing will be resolved about him until Girona is either promoted or eliminated from the playoffs.

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