Coverage of Villarreal's victory, promotion, and celebration

The Jimi Hendrix statue in Seattle, suitably attired for yesterday's match. - Ravi

After no doubt a lot of celebrating yesterday evening, the players, club personnel, etc. traveled around Vila-real today, stopping at a hermitage, the basilica of San Pascal, and finally the town square.

One of the things that is so special about Villarreal is the connection between the town and the team, and that was on full display today. If you'd like to see the route of the celebration, it's here. The proceedings were broadcast live on Canal 9, something I was too stupid to realize until it was over, but I did find some photos of various of the proceedings. Hernan Perez took this photo of the proceedings at the Town Hall and central plaza; here is another shot; and here are the team captains, Bruno and Marcos Senna, bringing in the floral offering on behalf of the club (yellow flowers, of course!) to the basilica. The bus route started at El Madrigal, and here is a photo of the street filled with fans in yellow! And here is the banner with President Roig's face on it, which made another appearance at the plaza.

President Roig made a speech to the fans promising 'un gran equipo' in the Primera:

Roig promete "un gran equipo" en una Plaza Mayor llena | Liga Adelante |

And also saying this was our "third and last" promotion:

So we'd better not get relegated again!!!!

Marca also had in its print edition (though I haven't been able to find it online) a story mentioning fans from Sweden, Germany, the USA and UK at the match. If they interviewed any of you, let us know!!

Of course, there were all sorts of stories on the Submarine returning to the Primera. One of the best was from El Pais, I thought, because it really captured the changes the club went through to return:

Roig rectifica; Marcelino remata | Deportes | EL PAÍS

here are some others:

¡El 'submarino' vuelve a Primera! -

Roig: "Hemos sufrido mucho y hemos merecido el ascenso"

Manolo Preciado recordado por El Madrigal - Punto Pelota | Intereconomía | 1023466


Marcelino consigue su tercer ascenso como entrenador | Liga Adelante |

El Villarreal vuelve a su hábitat - Villarreal CF (this one is from Submarino, Jorge Llorens. I love the title!!)


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