Villarreal News, May 8 2012

Diego Lopez was the La Liga goalkeeper of the week. He was clearly our best player in the Mestalla and made a couple of incredible saves....

Greetings groguets! Obviously there is not a great deal to focus on other than staying up, and just so we know, has provided the 6 scenarios under which Villarreal would be relegated (out of 81 possible): El Villarreal solo descenderia en 6 de 81 casos.

The 6 all have in common a Zaragoza result, a Rayo Vallecano win and a Villarreal loss. And speaking of Rayo, it's been reported that the players wanted coach Sandoval fired but the administrators (Rayo is in bankruptcy, remember) voted against it:

Felipe Miñambres frena el despido de Sandoval

And if you missed the goings-on at the end of the Madrid-Granada game, Sid Lowe has the recap for you:

Granada lose their bottle and respect by pointing finger at referee | Sid Lowe | Football |

Meanwhile, it's never too early to talk about summer signings. Malaga is supposedly going to sign Negredo from Sevilla for €14m, according to Radio Marca, and almost lost in the Unai Emery departure from Valencia was Los Che's signing of Sid's favorite Segunda player, Jonathan Viera from Las Palmas. (Emery is apparently moving to Spartak Moscow; we will miss him in la Liga).

Meanwhile, Athletic Bilbao have reached the final of the Copa del Rey and the Europa League, but the vultures keep circling overhead, with players like Muinain and Llorente being courted by 'bigger clubs' in Spain and beyond. It's sad for the Spanish game that articles like this continually appear:

The breakup of Bilbao’s project is forthcoming - Sports Columnists |

And finally, Sr. Pastorello says what I think is patently obvious, especially given Juve's CL qualification and Serie A title this season:

Juventus was an option for Rossi before his injury, claims agent -

As for Sunday, the supporters' groups are planning to welcome and cheer on the team in style with flags and drums and so forth, and the team put remaining tickets on sale to season ticket holders--and they're sold out within a day. El Madrigal will be rocking, here's hoping that's enough to put us over the top!! ENDAVANT!!

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