Villarreal news, May 17: Senna stays!

A large crowd outside El Madrigal, waiting to salute Marcos Senna for his ten years with the club. A happy Día de San Pascual to everyone, too!

News around the league first: Marcos Senna is being honored today in Vila-real for his ten years with the club. They will become eleven years, as even at age 36 our beloved capitán was one of, if not the, best player we had this year, and Sr. Roig announced he will return next year.

And recapping yesterday's press conference, here are a couple of reports, one from a national paper, one from a fans' site:

"Pondré mi patrimonio para saldar compromisos del Villarreal" | Deportes | EL PAÍS

Comienza el nuevo proyecto del Villarreal " El Borde del Área

In other news, Villarreal's purchase of DeGuzman resulted in a profit at Real Mallorca:

Real Mallorca : Real Mallorca announce profits of €7.2m

The islanders must be happy--not only were we relegated, but they have kept coach Caparrós, while Sevilla have decided to retain Michel:

El Sevilla renueva el contrato a Míchel | Deportes | EL PAÍS

For Sevilla to cut their budget by a third (and to say "the years of fighting for the title are over") is symptomatic of the financial problems Spain is facing...and these appear to be getting worse, at least the international markets think so:

BBC News - Spain bond auction sees cost of borrowing rise

Speaking of banks (and Bankia), here is the first real update I've seen on Bankia and Valencia's stadium project. Note that (re)commencement of construction has now been postponed until September. I agree with Jiwonsi (faint!) that it makes more sense to finish the project than not--maybe by the 2014-15 season it will be ready?

El Valencia CF recupera su hotel | Comunidad Valenciana | EL PAÍS

As always, there are sad farewells at the end of a season, especially the players who are retiring. El Pais gives a list here...

Acaba la Liga, empiezan las despedidas | Deportes | EL PAÍS

Now, to RUMORS. For some reason €5m seems to be a popular price in rumors these days. Now that figure is being bandied around as the price Villarreal would charge Betis for Jeff Montero. And there is also a rumor that that team's Iriney Santos is leaving the club and is interested in Villarreal. He played as the central midfielder in their 4-3-3 most of the season. We've had good luck with Brazilian central midfielders......which brings us back to Marcos Senna! Congratulations on 10 superlative years with the Yellow Submarine!

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