Sporting x Villarreal : It is squeaky bum time! 3 points needed

Marcos Senna - The battle-scarred captain needs to put on a clinic against Sporting.

I am tired of the 1-1 draws. 3 of them in a row. All three in which Villarreal took the lead only to give it up late in the 2nd half.

36 goals in 35 games.

That pretty much tells the story. Villarreal hardly scores more than one goal per game. And it is hard to win a lot of games with just one goal.

So it has come to this.

Villarreal on 38 points is 4 points clear of Zaragoza and Sporting. Granada is 1 point ahead of Villarreal and Rayo on 40 is 2 points ahead. Both Zaragoza and Sporting are making up ground furiously. Sporting won two games in a row. What was an 8 point lead for Villarreal 2 games ago is now 4 points.

El Molinón will be rocking for this game tonight.

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Form Guide

Sporting Gijón : W-W-L-W-L : 3 wins and two losses. After two wins in a row no doubt they will be all charged up for the game

Villarreal : D-D-D-W-L : It is a recurring theme. Villarreal takes the lead and dont close the deal.

Player news:

Villarreal :
Cani is ruled out but he will travel with the team as a show of support. Lotina is taking everyone to Gijón.

Senna was serious when he said "We cannot fail".

Sporting : Canella and Carmelo are out injured.


Trejo, Mendy and Colunga have been the stars of the mini-revival of Sporting. If you look at their overall seasons, they have been pretty mediocre but it is the current form that counts.

On paper, Villarreal has an edge over Sporting across the majority of the positions. But it remains to be seen if they can put it together for 90 minutes in El Molinón.

Bruno, Senna, Borja Valero need to have good games for Villarreal to smother the Sporting midfield.

More importantly, Villarreal needs to score more than one goal to win.

Likely Line-ups

Sporting 4-2-3-1

Pablo; Suárez-Botia-Gregory-Orfila; Galvez-Lora; Mendy-Trejo-Colunga;Bilic

Villarreal 4-2-2-2

Lopez; Mario-Zapata-Musacchio-Costa; Senna-Bruno; Perez-Borja; Camuñas-Ruben


A win here could mathematically save Villarreal if other results go their way. But if they draw or lose and Zaragoza wins, the remain two games against Valencia and Atlético Madrid become must win games. I hope it doesnt come to that.

I doubt any of the Submarine faithful would sleep well tonight.

Vamos Submarino

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