Villarreal news/comments, week of October 25

had to get something from the Celtic Submari penya in here; wonder how many made it to Barca yesterday? - Robin Harris

Updates from Vila-real, papers, etc. over the course of the week. A good place to start discussions as we wait for the next game!

We're still trying to figure out how best to use the new Villarreal USA site. We realize that in part due to distance and in part due to being in the Segunda, it's not necessarily productive to write daily news updates or create lots of short articles--what happens is they get dropped down the queue.

We also have heard from many of you that it's hard to find comments, in part because new articles bump the older ones well down the page, and also because fanposts and fanshots, never easy to keep track of, are now farther down the page.

So, we're going to try putting up one article that's intended to stay on the front page for the week as a placeholder for team news and so forth, and will be a place to carry on any discussion people might want to have about things going on with the club (apart from gamethreads and recaps). That's not to say there won't be other articles appearing through the week if need be, and items such as the quiniela updates and the next week's games, plus podcasts and the like, will still show up.

Normally this will be done Monday--this one is later than usual.

Today's EPM has a couple of items of interest: not only did Coach Velazquez not give the players the customary day off following Sunday's debacle, both Monday's and Tuesday's practices were behind closed doors:

Castigados sin día libre y cerrados a cal y canto - Deportes - El Periódico Mediterraneo

So far, today's season has some depressing similarities to last year's. A goal a game on offense, to be specific, though the defense has been better. And, the same struggle to win points on the road. We' have only one win (at Ponfe), two draws (Sabadell, Las Palmas) and two draws through five games.

Finally, news that B team coach Lluis Planaguma could be in some disciplinary trouble. Apparently he was sent off in our last match against Binissalem but continued to stand behind the bench passing instructions along, and the referee has included this in his official report. He definitely misses our game against Olimpic de Xativa and could face a longer sanction; Igor Tasevski, himself just returned from a two-game suspension, will coach from the bench in his absence.

Nothing to do with Villarreal, need to see a keeper save a penalty not once, not twice, but three times....Brilliant Bolivian keeper saves re-taken penalty... - World of Sport

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