Juventus €10m short for Rossi, plus other Villarreal transfer gossip

The Villarreal lineup that took on Athlone Town in the first of Villarreal's friendlies last year. How many can you name? (and more to the point, how many will be in yellow when THIS season starts?) (photo courtesy Damien Dorrington)

     All indications are we should know much more about the Giuseppe Rossi situation by the end of today than we do now (7AM EDT).  His agent is in Vila-real, apparently had dinner with club representatives last night. Rossi himself is flying to Ireland today, though is not scheduled to practice with the club until Sunday.

     Football Italia has reported this morning that Juventus offered €25m to Villarreal (via Sr. Pastorello); the club has responded by saying it wants €30m plus up to €5m in bonus clauses.  "Talks are set to continue", the paper says.  Punta Radio reported last night the deal needed to be at least 80% cash, which would suggest Juve could offer a player plus €25m, but it might be difficult to find a player Villarreal wants, especially at their current salary.

    Speaking of salary, Goal.com (I know, not always the most reliable source) has reported that Rossi is willing to move to Juventus, but only at a price, and that price is €5m per year.  Since reports so far suggest Juve has offered only €3.5m per year, there is some negotiating to do there as well.

    It is interesting to note that Rossi (along with Capdevila) was dropped from the list of players that will be attending some promotional event in China connected to our new kit suppliers, Xtep.  Does that indicate the club expects to sell him, did he ask to avoid the long trip, or what?  As I said the other day, it's all a bit like trying to figure out the North Koreans at times.

   One thing that does seem certain is that Joan Capdevila will be leaving Villarreal soon.  Apparently he'd love to play for Barcelona, but the Catalans feel they should get him for free.  Latest rumor is Villarreal is offering Capdevila to Sporting (so that they'll have a left back).  However, Villarreal would have to pick up some of Joan's salary as well as pay a transfer fee.  Another possibility is he could end up at Juventus, but Villarreal doesn't want to just throw him into the Rossi deal.

    Another interesting report has Osasuna accepting a deal for Camuñas that involves €1.5m and the transfer of, would you believe, Catalá?  Presumably this only works if the Canella deal works out, otherwise we have Joan Oriol (who surprisingly has been mentioned not at all in transfer rumors of late) as our only left back.  If at the end of the day we have Camunas and Canella in, and Capdevila and Catalá out, and a net spend of €5-6m, are we better? 

   Other news: Villarreal will play Elche in the "Trofeo Festa d'Elx", one of the summer trophies on offer in Spain, on August 10.  This competition began in 1960; Villarreal competed for the trophy only once before,  winning on penalties after a 2-2 tie in 2001.  Presumably we may get to see Juan Carlos in goal for the illicitanos.

     The Jozy Altidore watch continues, especially after he tweeted yesterday that he would "have some exciting news". If it had anything to do with football, I missed it!  Maybe today.

   As always, if any big news comes along, we'll update the post.

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