Hey! Queen Elizabeth needs a Villarreal scarf!!

PORTO, PORTUGAL - APRIL 28: Goalkeeper Diego Lopez of Villarreal looks dejected after conceding a goal during the UEFA Europa League semi final first leg match between FC Porto and Villarreal at Estadio do Dragao on April 28, 2011 in Porto, Portugal. (Photo by Angel Martinez/Getty Images)

   Everyone may be shellshocked after last night's disaster, but Villarreal supporters, take heart.  The Queen wore yellow to the Royal Wedding this morning.  My first thought--she's wearing our color!!

   And I 'm happy to say that several people tweeted exactly that this morning, showing that while hope of reaching the Europa League final may have dimmed among us groguets, a sense of humor hasn't.

    Perhaps fortunately, the Spanish media not fascinated with the Royal Wedding are still arguing about Barca-Madrid, so we don't have much in the way of cogent analysis of last night.

     Obviously no one is going to say the tie is over; Bruno, Marchena, others including Porto coach Villas Boas say it's not, but...

   Everyone seemed as shocked as those of us watching here at how quickly the tie changed around and how one-one sided the final score was.  Cani was certainly shellshocked.

     There were two distinct teams in one game, EPM reports.  From the time Cazorla passed up a great scoring opportunity (min. 48) to Helton's yellow card (min. 83) Villarreal never had the ball even close to the Porto goal.  The Porto coach said they didn't change any tactics especially, just the emotional pitch of their game.  Villas Boas said Villarreal "didn't believe".  Interesting.

    While clearly Villarreal's key players have been on the pitch for many more minutes than Porto's, questions about our training need to be asked, as this is not the first time we have competed well for 45-60 minutes and then offered nothing.  That's been a trend all year, but it's being made clear now because of the inexperience at the back.

   We also need to look at our defense of corner kicks.  Diego Lopez is a fine keeper, but he is best at one-on-one situations; he's not especially mobile in his area, and our insistence on setting up along the 18-yard line to defend corners is just giving him too much space to defend.

   Also, it's discouraging, given that Garrido has a sports psychologist on staff, to hear that we didn't seem confident last night.  Garrido didn't address that specifically, but did talk about the team needing to recover physically and mentally after what happened last night.  With a MUST WIN home match against Getafe coming up, he's got his work cut out for him.

  Don't forget B team hosts Gimnastic Tarragona on Saturday.  Endavant Villarreal!!

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