Villarreal Fans---Read This!

Alright, so my name is Mauro and I have been a die hard Villarreal fan since 2005. They were the first team I ever really liked and I have been a loyal fan since then. I love this club with all my heart and I pledge to be a fan my entire life! (This is I think I can safely say I'd get a tattoo of our beautiful emblem)

I've been there through all the ups and downs that Villarreal has been through these past few years. I'll never forget watching that Champions League Semi Final where Riquelme missed the late penalty against Arsenal. I've always wondered what would be different today if Riquelme smacked that penalty into the back of the net and Villarreal went on to win that game. What if we won the final?? How CRAZY would that be!

Here's another random Villarreal Memory of mine: I forget what season this was, maybe 2007-08 or 2008-09, but I remember I was first introduced to Villarreal's anthem at this time. There were 8 games left in the season and I was upset because Villarreal wasn't in the best spot in the table. I came up with this funny (and kind of adorable) routine of listening to the Villarreal anthem as I was going to bed the night before we played and I would sing along nice and proud. From when I did this until the end of the season, Villarreal won it's last 8 games of La Liga! It was incredible, does anyone remember what year this was from?

I'm not exactly sure what the point of this post is, but something inside of me just told me to write out what's on my mind. Villarreal is going through a tough time right now. I never thought I would experience the team that I love being so close to the relegation zone. I'm not going to lie, I'm EXTREMELY frustrated and upset and stressed out about how our season is going this year, but I'm sure all true fans of Villarreal are feeling the same way.

I just want to let all the fans out there know that we have to really believe in our team and hope for the best in the new year. Our next games, not including Mirandes this Tuesday, are: Valencia, Atletico Madrid, Sporting, Barcelona, and Sevilla. My heart drops just thinking about how tough all of these games are going to be, but you know what, I have faith in my team and I never count Villarreal out. I'm gonna proudly sing Villarreal's anthem and wear my beautiful yellow jersey and hope for the best.

I want Villarreal to bring back that beautiful, smooth passing game that they gained recognition for these past few years. After the winter break in La Liga maybe something will inspire our players and make them play that soccer that we all know.

It's times like these that teams need their fans most, so you bet that I'm right here 150% supporting Villarreal!!

I heard this quote somewhere and I like it: "Form is temporary, class is permanent."

Let's go Submarino!! Show La Liga what you've got in 2012! Let's turn this season around and get to the top half of the table where we belong!!


P.S. Maybe it'll be fun to post some of your own Villarreal memories in the comments to this post. Funny memories or awesome stories will surely bring smiles to Villarreal fans!

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