A and B team news, World Cup TV in US, and more! October 22 2011

He may be happy at Villarreal, but some wins would be very nice indeed (Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images)

    Villarreal B news: Villarreal B plays Real Murcia today (we'll have a thread about it later).  If you listened to our latest podcast, we talked about the large number of players we have to choose from.  And so it's proved with the latest call.  Mano and Carlos Tomás don't make it in defense, Lucas Porcar and Iriome are left out from the midfielders, and Joselu is back with the B team after visiting Manchester and making a debut with the first team in Getafe.  So Fofo misses out.  Truyols is the only injured player now.

   It's been reported on Twitter that the game will be broadcast by Murcia regional broadcaster 7RM, so check out their site (www.7rm.es) in case they stream the game.  If not, we'll see what we find...

  2018 and 2022 World Cup TV rights:  ESPN were blown out of the water when FIFA auctioned the rights for these.  Reports are FOX bid something like $450-500 million for the English-language US rights (ESPN paid something like $100 mil last time).  Doubtless Tim McCarver and other FOX personalities will become soccer experts overnight, I'm sure...but just in case they don't, and you want to watch Spanish-language broadcasts, bye-bye Univision, Telemundo paid $600 million for those rights this time.  Pretty impressive money for what is a "niche sport" in this country according to a lot of media types, wouldn't you say? 

Manchester City rehash:

Johan Cruyff says Villarreal will be OK, was impressed by the effort against Manchester: Cruyff reclama paciencia para el Submarino - Deportes ~ Vila-real ~ RedMediterraneo.com

UEFA named Gonzalo to their 'team of the week' in the Champions League: Player Rater Team of the Week – UEFA.com

First team injury update: Ruben and Ángel (yay!) trained with the first team on Friday; Senna and Camuñas were limited to running.

And finally, as Sidarth's post below this one shows you, it's never too early to start speculating about January moves.  So, we bring you the FIRST Federico Pastorello quote of the fall about Rossi and the transfer market. And it's from an interview with Napoli's "Radio Kiss Kiss" (I swear, they must keep Rossi's agent on speed dial). 

All joking aside, Sr. Pastorello simply said Rossi was disappointed to lose at Man City, but is totally focused on Villarreal. "We are tranquil in terms of transfers...Rossi is happy at Villarreal", he is quoted as saying.  And today's AS has a story on Juventus's interest in Rossi, but seems to believe they would not come close to Villarreal's €30m valuation.  Eden Hazard seems a more likely target.  Fine with us. 

Vamos Bambino, Vamos Submarino (y Mini Submarino!)

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